cast & Crew


Director + Co-Writer,

Aaron Sterling


Aaron Sterling, a gifted young director who is also a natural leader, a clear communicator, and a visual thinker. He is a  graduate of NJ Film School, and incoming student at LA Film School. At the age of 18 years old, he directed and co-wrote a short-film, Make It Happen! Aaron’s goal is to leave an indelible mark on the film industry as a Director.  His influences include Ryan Coogler, Damien Chazelle, and Quentin Tarantino.  

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Lead Actor + Co-Writer,
Adrian Akeem Sterling


Adrian Akeem Sterling, a Brooklyn-born actor of Trinidad and Chinese descent. He’s a Meisner trained actor with on-camera training to perfect his skills. He’s worked closely with Bob Krakower, Ted Sluberski, and Craig Archibald. He refined his improvisation skills at the prestigious, PIT.  Adrian is the lead actor, and co-writer of the drama short, Make It Happen! He has also led independent feature films, shorts, web series, and has appeared on CBS tv shows.

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Solene Moreau

Solene Moreau, a French actress-producer based in New York City. She recently was on the production of, Broken, the new feature film of award-winning director and screenwriter, Onur Tukel. She has also trained with Deena Levy Theatre Studio for a one year conservatory including Grotowski, Method, and Meisner techniques. Solene also produced the independent short-film, Make It Happen. In the past year, she has also produced the feature film Bitter Sugar, and directed by Venezuelan artist, Pia Paez. 

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Director of Photography,

Wesley Meseroll

Wesley Meseroll, from Connecticut, is a Director of Photography and graduate of New York Film Academy’s cinematography. He’s a retired Air Force veteran with 20 years of service in aviation. Wesley's focus, dedication, and professionalism have been vital to 30 independent short films, documentaries, and feature films. 

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Nat Magee

Nat Magee, a professional Editor with a passion for film, specializes in post-production, trailers, and promotions. With eight years of experience working as an editor for prominent tv shows including 9-11 LoneStar (Fox), The Incredible Jessica Jones (Netflix), and Snowfall (FX).

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Elias Nousiopoulos

 Elias Nousopoulos, a New York City-based Colorist, currently he is the colorist for Saturday Night Live (SNL). The Colorist on Sundance award-winning “Green” and “Dunya’s Day”. He has also worked on the A24 distributed and Gotham award-nominated film, Waves, and last year's independent spirit award winner Uncut Gems.

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Sound Designer + Composer,

Evan Joseph

 Evan Joseph, a New York City based Music Composer and Sound Designer, was awarded the Director's Prize for best student composition at the 2010 Robert Helps Festival and Competition. He is also a sound engineer for WNET Thirteen, PBS’s flagship station.

Full Cast & Crew: 

Chris Manuel, Joey 

Suzette Wong, Mom 

Anina Monteforte, Anina 

Marshall Victory, Camera Op

Walid Alhamdy, Sound Operator

Joey Haley, 1st AC

Neal Bafna, Gaffer

Kay Widdoss, Set Designer
Adam "Supe" Wong, Costume Designer

Jennifer Smith, Hair and Makeup

Garrett Fredrick, Production Assistant

Belle Ward, Craft Services

Steve Simmons, COVID-19 Compliance 



Performed by: Mission
Written by Antonio Woods and Kenneth Anthony Agee
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“Foolish & Young”

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Performed by: The Late
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Performed by: The Late
Written by The Late
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